With collaboration of BOTAŞ Social Facilities and communications directorate, Usturlab hosted and managed 2 inclusive summer school programmes for workers’ children aged 8-14 in 2018 and 2019 that covered science, art, astronomy, robotics-coding, sports, quantum and ecology training.
Children of Botaş personnel met with expert instructors in a total of 152 workshops, including 32 art, 16 ecology, 16 quantum, 16 astronomy, 40 sports, 16 science, 16 robotic coding workshops. Our workshop had to touch different areas, for example students who did their morning sports visited the world of stars in astronomy workshops. Children who discovered their own constellations were introduced to the basics of coding. 120 children created their own works inspired by the works of Van Gogh and Matrakçı Nasuh. At the end all of the children made discoveries in the Ankara ecosystem, where each child became a Forest Explorer in biomimicry workshops. Contact us for detailed information about our summer and winter school programmes tailored to your corporate demands and all age groups with our discovery-oriented workshops that appeal to all senses of children. We are ready to adapt our innovative educational content to meet your corporate needs and design new programmes. We have realised one of our corporate game design works with İGDAŞ. We designed the board game called Establish Your Line, which focuses on safe natural gas use, for İGDAŞ, which continues to serve with environmental awareness in the energy sector. Children learn about natural gas safety at every step when they install the natural gas line on the game board. Contact us to make your institution memorable or gamify your training with the games that we design within the framework of the mission and vision of the institution. Besides that you can benefit from our services and get detailed information about the projects that we can provide from design to production works starting from the idea stage.



BOTAŞ Pipelines and Petrol Transportation Joint Stock Company


Ankara BOTAŞ Yapracık Social Facilities

Number of Participants

120 Children


2 - 27 July 2018, 17 June-12 July 2019

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