Imagination Leads to


Fosters Creativity

At the beginning of 2010 we started a unique journey with philosophy, art, and nature. In the next paragraphs we are explaining our work and experience in this journey on building a great educational ecosystem.

With our innovative vision we are designing museums, sciences fairs, space and science centers. Preparing and publishing digital content and books. Implementing and executing educational STEM and philosophy workshops.

Our goal: A diverse inclusive atmosphere and ecosystem for everyone to explore STEM, Philosophy and nature.

Our vision: We are focusing on the philosophical side of education and aim to create innovative educational models. Beside that we are providing individuals and institutes with an interdisciplinary gasified STEM knowledge and content.

Usturlab, is a solution production centre that turns your ideas into reality with a touch of innovative imagination. As a social enterprise we create employment opportunities for people working in basic sciences and make academic knowledge accessible in daily life. Since we believe in inclusivity our educational projects connect with people from different socioeconomic backgrounds. In short, we are designing a shining future for everyone.

At Usturlab we believe that STEM, philosophy and natural sciences should be inclusive and available for everyone, from that vision we expect to see our products in the streets, games, cities and even primary schools.

If you want to extend your horizon and get inspired from our previous colorful work you can take a look at our projects.

What We Do?


We design and implement innovative educational models for all age groups for public or private institutions.

Science Center

We are providing consultancy, designs and implementing sciences centers for everyone in the community to get connected with science.


We bring science, art, philosophy and history into experienceable spaces and design digital/mechanical exhibition installations, interactive games, educational platforms and reproductions.


We publish books, design games in purpose of create awareness in the fields of philosophy, art, science and ecology and increase interest in art and science.


We plan and implement the processes of film, animation and cartoon content to visualize scientific narrative for children and adults. We produce audio-visual materials for corporate projects.


We design, produce and organise the sales of board and card games targeting. These games can be played among children or as a family.

For Whom?


Our most fundamental basis in designing the future is the sense of curiosity and discovery inspired by children. We work for children and learn with children.


We are not only producing the knowledge itself, but we create the spaces that the knowledge could be transferred smoothly. We submit projects for teachers, schools and education staff.

Companies and Enterprises

We produce permanent and sustainable solutions to increase staff satisfaction and support innovative visions of your businesses.


We offer services to all kinds of public institutions and organisations in many different fields, from planning trainings to organising and implementing science and art projects.


We design and implement individual solutions for our partners who need innovative solutions in the fields of education, science, philosophy, art, astronomy and ecology.


We provide various services in STEM and education such as training, workshops, book productions.

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