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At the heart of all our work is an idea, a dream that excites us. Sometimes our admiration for nature and sometimes our excitement when we look at space motivates us. Designing the training space is as important to us as the content of our trainings. Because the place is a teacher in itself, both with the way it is built and with its fiction and story. For this very reason, in addition to presenting our trainings in a ready-made space, we find it instructive in every respect to build spaces that are the embodiment of our dreams and ideas.

As Usturlab, we believe that children and young people should be active members of the society -not passive. We believe that they should live together with science, technological developments and nature to show improvement in their daily life and have a strong existence and influence in the 21st century. With these beliefs guiding us in our path, we construct science centers, exhibitions, educational laboratories, nature schools, space houses, and build systems to bring our mission to life. Because being an explorer is possible by looking at the universe through spaces that intrigues creative thinking!



We established the Children’s University under the leadership of Bursa Yıldırım Municipality. As a result of a meticulous four-month work, we handed over turnkey […]

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Önceki Sonraki Usturlab Experience Centre started to serve in Ankara aims to increase children’s access and participation to quality education in astronomy, science, nature, […]

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PIONEERS OF MODERN SCIENCE In 2019 we opened our exhibition `Pioneers of Modern Science` for visitors at Istanbul airport to connect sciences with art enthusiasts. During the […]

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Önceki Sonraki Tokat Science centre, with the philosophy of “From local to universal” we established an interactive science centre under the themes of natural […]

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