We established the Children’s University under the leadership of Bursa Yıldırım Municipality. As a result of a meticulous four-month work, we handed over turnkey facility to Yıldırım Municipality. We designed one astronomy exhibition themed ‘Journey to Space,’ nine workshop areas, one toy library, and one console gaming area. At the Journey to Space exhibition located in the center, we provided experiences on topics such as Life in Space, Celestial Mechanics, and Deep Space with scientific devices. We also prepared workshop areas that will host various different workshop activities and events. We brought an active learning experience to life with interactive devices themed around astronomy. In the exhibition, where practical scientific activities and various activities took place, we provided a dynamic and interactive learning opportunity with advanced learning styles. With the Es-Sufi Celestial Globe and Piri Reis World Globe virtual reality mobile applications located in the exhibition, we turned the celestial and terrestrial globes into an experience.
We included workshops and a toy library in the Children’s University that cover various fields such as drama, mathematics, art, design thinking, biology, chemistry, electricity, renewable energy, computer science, and robotics coding. In this way, we intended to increase awareness and interest in science by supporting the reinforcement of learning with models and tools developed with contemporary designs. There are 9 workshops, 1 toy library, and 1 console gaming area in Molla Yegan Children’s University.

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