We organised a 3-day science festival with the participation of primary and secondary school children from uludere district of şırnak province. During the festival we held 95 workshops for 450 children. The workshops included 15 forest explorers, 15 biomimicry, 15 microbiology, 15 philosophy, 15 astronomy workshops. With our forest explorers tours, the children explored the unique ecosystem of the city. While taking a closer look at nature and living creatures via biomimicry and microbiology workshops, we also learned many inventions inspired by nature. In the astronomy workshops, we learned that the Earth occupies only a grain of sand in the universe. We completed astronomy workshops with a little touch of philosophy. We discussed our experience during the festival and how our experiences reflects us to understand the world we live in! *** Contact us for detailed information about our science festivals tailored to your corporate demands and all age groups with our discovery-oriented workshops that appeal to all senses of children. We are ready to adapt our innovative educational content to meet your corporate needs and design new programmes.


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