Tokat Science centre, with the philosophy of “From local to universal” we established an interactive science centre under the themes of natural history of anatolia, quantum technology, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Being pioneers in the area this centre is one of its kind in Turkey that includes a digital exhishpitn and interactive areas inside the science and art centre. The science centre contains 7 exhibition areas, one temporary exhibition area and six different thematic exhibition areas and 4 workshop areas with the theme of art, natural-science, preschool science-art and augmented reality.The visitors experience includes a digital and mechanical interactive experience where they have entertainment experiments while learning about the museums, we have designed the experience to start from the History Of anatolia nature exhibition and walk them through our planet Earth, Quantum and 21th century technologies. The centre, which is built on 8 acres, has a closed area of 3,300 m2. The application and concept that we have designed at the centres is totally unique for it and the visitor will not be able to experience it at another place in Turkey. The recreation areas around the science centre host interactive scientific devices, games and entertainment areas that touch the five senses. As Usturlab we have Planned, Curatorial drew, managed , designed the centre.

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