We organized all scientific activities and set up mechanisms which took place in BİLGEM exhibition booth throughout Teknofest. We created BİLGEM Science Universe in the concept of Communication of Science . We designed a photo shooting application that people can take photos with pioneers of science , a digital mapping application which people could design Bİlgem Technologies , a digital introductory game about Bilgem with wondering questions in BİLGEM Universe We designed the exibition boots made dressings in order to take a universe view. We gave maintenance and repair services for the mechanisms.With our services the children have met with the proffesional trainers of the field. Our Services: Smile With Pioneers Photo Shoot Application design, production and instructor service BİLGEM Universe Digital Mapping Application design, production and instructor service BİLGEM with Quesstions Game design, production and trainer service Wall Design and production İnformation Desk Production Cloth bag, locket and VIP presents by the name of company OZAN Mine Detector Ligtning Presentation Panel design and kiosk production We are ready for starting new communications of science and for designing your exibition boots and activities with our expert manangement, trainer and consultant satff. Contact us for detailed information about our corporate and individual services.
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