With our unique science education brand “Forest Explorers” project, which we started in 2012, we accept each individual inclusively without looking at their age as an explorer. At this project we support explorers through our experiential education model. In our nature training, which we provide to develop the intellectual, emotional and cognitive abilities of the explorers, we aim to get to know nature, to realise that the human world is actually an extension of nature, and to introduce the biomimicry thinking method to participants. In the Forest Explorers training programme, explorers who embark on a scientific and interactive journey into the world of the sun, water, air, plants, trees and other living things in our ecosystem gain a unique and integrated perspective on nature and our planet. At this program we take scientific nature walks accompanied by expert trainers; we learn about plants, trees, animals and nature patterns by observing, asking and touching; we record what we have learnt in our nature diaries. In addition, with the interactive nature games we design, we learn how human intellectual activities such as science and art are enriched with inspiration from nature. Today, Forest Explorers has become a pioneering and exemplary project in the dissemination and development of nature education in Turkey. Sample places for exploration tours: Istanbul Validebağ Grove, Istanbul Florya Atatürk Forest, Istanbul Beykoz Grove, Istanbul Fethi Paşa Grove, Istanbul Mimar Sinan Urban Forest, Istanbul Belgrad Forest, Istanbul Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden, Bursa Uludağ, Kocaeli Resurrection Camp, Diyarbakır City Park, Şırnak Uludere Forests, Ankara Botanical Park, Ankara Botaş Yapracık Facilities, Sultangazi City Park, Nezahat Gökyiğit Park, Bitlis, Mardin, Şırnak, Sivas, Ağrı. We prepare new training curricula with our expert training management staff and trainer portfolio. Contact us to hear detailed information about our corporate and individual services.
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