Within the scope of 2022 Istanbul Airport Ramadan events, we provided services in two separate temporary exhibitions and three separate workshop areas. Thousands of people attended the workshops during Ramadan. During these events we designed and implemented two exhibitions called: the Journey to Self and Sinan the Great. The airport visitors had the opportunity to have a pleasant time with the Islamic Geometric Arts, Dark Room and Constellations workshops we organised every day between 09:00-21:00.
In our exhibition ‘Sinan the Great from Dawn to Night’, through the lens of photographer İlker Cihat, the visitors met with the great work of Mimar Sinan, the design genius with his masterpieces that define the silhouette of Istanbul. The exhibition offers a journey from dawn to dusk on the third hill of Istanbul in pursuit of the works of Sinan, who shaped the architecture of the age with his understanding of architecture and the innovations he brought, and whose universal style continues to amaze today’s architects. In our Journey to Yourself exhibition, the calligraphy artist Sümeyra Dursun, who interprets traditional arts with a modern language, has carried centuries-old concepts to the digital world. The exhibition, which includes 5 works, focuses on the concepts of Zikir, Tawaf, Wajd, Miraj, Fasting and Beauty. In the dark room workshop, visitors experienced the dark room work of the scientist Heysem, who discovered the linearity of light and pioneered the working principle of the human eye and camera centuries ago. In the constellations workshop, visitors learnt about the constellations and Al-Sufi, the scientist who conducted the most comprehensive research on constellations in history and prepared the first illustrated works on constellations, and learnt about different constellations with constellation binoculars. In the Islamic geometric patterns workshop, visitors were introduced to geometry in Islamic art through the pattern designed by Al-Jazari for the Artuqid Palace Gate and produced their own pattern painting works.




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