In 2019 we opened our exhibition `Pioneers of Modern Science` for visitors at Istanbul airport to connect sciences with art enthusiasts.

During the ribbon cutting ceremony of the exhibition we had the honour to have the president of Turkey. One of the interesting facts about the exhibition is that it’s opened in 2019 the year that were named after Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin for his magnificent contribution in science history. At this exhibition we focused on scientists, and the journey in science itself beside the impact the islamic scientist had on the world. The exhibition aims to introduce the scientist and artist who inspired and were the root of modern science in their fields like: Algebra, Mechanic, Medicine, Astronomy, physics and other fields. The exhibition also spotted how scientists bring to their own civilization and cultures new methods and experiences by analysing and translating the works of Greek, Indian and Chinese cultures. Contact us to get an idea about how to bring this exhibition to your local city by adjusting it to your own culture. As usturlab we provide the curator works, project management, design and even install the exhibition. Beside that we provide consultancy for designing and implementing short and long term, museums or even exhibitions. The unique idea of our exhibition is having interactive exhibitions that help the attendees to search, learn and create the future by getting inspired from the past.

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