Usturlab Experience Centre started to serve in Ankara aims to increase children’s access and participation to quality education in astronomy, science, nature, art and technology. The main audience of the experience centre are children, young people and marginalised groups with limited access to education in science, art and technology. As an extension to the main audience we aim to increase the social interaction between science, art and technology professionals, with civil society workers, educators, children and the local community. The Usturlab Experience Centre has a digital astronomy education platform and an interactive “You are a universe, (sen evrensin)” application that enables over a hundred astronomy workshops. Furthermore, we provide astronomy, science, art and robotics-coding classes that’s inclusive to individuals of all age groups starting from preschool. Usturlab Experience Centre also carries out community-science activities by establishing new collaborations that combine science-art-nature and education. The programmes at the Experience Centre are carried out in cooperation with Ankara Development Agency, Ankara Social Sciences University – Social Innovation Centre, Altındağ Municipality, Provincial and District Directorates of National Education, non-governmental organisations, schools, professional associations and various stakeholders working in the fields of science, arts and education.
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