With three months of devoted work, we prepared 3 different thematic camp curricula addressing three age levels. We have brought 1, 3 and 7-day thematic camp curricula to the literature to meet with children and young people in YTB training camps. 

Nature and art camp for preschool children, nature and science camp for primary school children and technology camp for secondary school children were designed with expert trainers and formators. We prepared camp curriculum and materials supporting the education to be used in the implementation phase. Our work did not stop there, we moved forward and designed activity books, presentation files supporting education, brochures, posters and activity kits based on 3 education guidebooks prepared by the expert education writing team. The Usturlab management team carried out the simultaneous management of 15 people in 5 different teams for the preparation of materials suitable for the training contents. Materials / Services We Designed Within the Scope of the Project Camp activities 3 training guide books 3 camp participant activity books Presentation files Brochure Banner Training kit box Contact us for more details about collaboration and the services we provide for individuals and organisations.


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