We have prepared 2 education books addressing two age levels and materials to be used in the implementation phase, which emerged after six months of devoted work. Within the scope of the Preschool Bilingual Education Support Programme, we redesigned the corporate identity of the programme and prepared the curricula.
Our consultant team, which we formed specifically for the Turkish Hour education programme project, prepared the training curriculum. student workbooks, parent agendas, Turkey culture map, children’s calendar, flash cards, activity notebooks with stickers and online instructor training designed based on the 2 training guide books. The Usturlab management team carried out simultaneous management for the preparation of materials suitable for educational content with 16 people in 6 different teams. We designed an agenda where families can follow their children’s language development, and flash cards to support the curriculum. Turkish language and culture were transferred to maps. A culture map was designed with special drawings. Materials / Services We Designed Within the Scope of the Project 2 practitioner guidebooks 2 student workbooks 2 parent agendas 1 cultural map of Turkey 1 children’s calendar 1 activity book with stickers 1 flash card set Online training of trainers. Contact us for more details about collaboration and the services we provide for individuals and organisations.

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